Making Site Surveys. Simple.

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As a sign industry professional you understand the keys to success revolve around the speed and efficiency in which you can meet your clients needs while maintaining you and your employees safety.  From initial quotes, renderings, sign ordinances and installation, a crucial first step of the process is performing a site survey - because we know the sign industry, we know how unorganized, time-consuming and dangerous site surveys can be as we know them today. We developed iSiteSurvey to solve all of the current issues with performing a site survey - a mobile application designed to turn your smartphone or tablet into your primary tool when performing a site survey.  This tool will give you the ability to measure facades, windows, etc. of multiple elevations, build a picture gallery with labels and identify local sign ordinances with an easy to use interface.  When your survey is complete, produce a professional PDF of the site survey with included sign codes to email immediately to your office or directly to your client.


Measurements: We know this can be the most time consuming and dangerous part of the survey process, especially if it involves climbing on a ladder or hanging over the top of a parapet wall.  So we simplified it by building in a calibrated target to use for taking accurate measurements right on your screen using the camera on your smart Phone or tablet.  Take measurements of multiple elevations and name them for easy referencing.

Picture Gallery: Your client needs to get the picture, the whole picture so we've given you the ability to build a gallery of pictures of the site.  We've also given you the ability to label the pictures to appear as captions on the completed iSiteSurvey PDF.

Sign Ordinances: Here's where we really make your survey...Simple. Instead of scouring multiple city or county sites to find the local sign ordinance, we've done it for you.  Based on your geolocation, iSiteSurvey will pull up the local sign codes immediately for you to review and include in your completed survey.